confluentes e.V., die studentische Unternehmensberatung der WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management stellt sich vor

Marco Ries, Chairman of confluentes

Marco Ries, Chairman of confluentes

We are Confluentes

confluentes is the student management consultancy of WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. They have grown remarkably, cracking the €1m revenue target for the first time in the past financial year. Chairman Marco Ries (BSc 2019, MSc 2022, WHU) explains what makes confluentes so successful and why it is indispensable for the WHU community.

Marco, confluentes has reasons to celebrate. Can you please explain why?

For the first time, we managed to generate more than 1 million euros in annual revenues. This was a huge milestone for us. It proves the great satisfaction and trust of our clients. This milestone also boosts our motivation to continuously give our best and provide value to our clients.

Who are your clients?

Our clients range from startups, SMEs and DAX corporates to PEs and consultancies as well as alumni. Thanks to the high diversity of our student consultants, we can serve a wide range of clients. Previous clients include, amongst others, Lufthansa, Bain & Company, or deinhandy.

With what kind of projects do you support your clients?

We consult clients through all aspects of their value chain. The project lengths can vary from several days up to a few months. Project types mainly include due diligence, market analysis, and business development. However, we manage all types of strategy projects. For many projects, we have standardized procedures to ensure efficiency and high quality.

We consult clients through all aspects of their value chain

Marco Ries, confluentes

What does a typical project look like?

In the initial interview with the client, I check their expectations. What do they need? How can confluentes create the most value? This helps me to outline the project scope and conditions. Through a standardized screening process, I then pre-select matching consultants. Next, the client chooses whether to start the project and decides which consultants to continue with. During the project, I ensure continuous alignment between what we offer and what the client needs. To ensure client satisfaction, I guarantee high quality before consultants hand over their deliverables.

Why do so many clients trust you?

Confluentes stands for flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Clients can kick off their projects within 24 hours and adjust whenever needed. We staff projects with highly skilled WHU students, who reliably deliver high-quality work. Also, our projects are less expensive than projects with other consultancies.

What qualifications do your consultants have?

Our pool of consultants consists of high-performing WHU students with strong professional and academic backgrounds. A typical consultant has experience in consulting, investment banking, or private equity. Thanks to our large pool of consultants, we also have a wide range of industry-specific experience. For all project needs, we find a matching consultant.

Confluentes reached one million euros in revenue. What happens with the money?

We use the majority as remuneration for the students’ work. However, we are also committed to giving back to the WHU community. All remaining profits are donated to the university or projects in Vallendar. For example, confluentes has contributed to the new inPraxi Learning Center and funds a “Deutschlandstipendium” every year.

More recently, we helped the elementary school in Vallendar to handle the Corona crisis by subsidizing 50 iPads for the students. I believe it is important that young students have the opportunity of digital learning, independent of their family background.

Quotes about confluentes e.V.

„confluentes e.V. was able to support a local enterprise within a very short time from first contact to project kick-off. Their consultants were a perfect fit and stood out with a strong hands on mentality and professional attitude.“ Prof. Dr. Christina Günther, Chair of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

„Due to the nature of an registered association, confluentes donates the surplus to the WHU environment and contributes to an essential part of the further development of the students and the campus.“
Prof. Dr. Nadine Kammerlander, Institute of Family Business and Mittelstand Chair of Family Business

Prof. Dr. Markus Rudolf„confluentes has been supporting SMEs as well as large global corporations for 20 years, and we are very happy with the commitment and practical experience that the students receive.“
Prof. Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU & Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance


Marco Ries, Chairman of confluentes

Marco Ries, confluentes

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